Emon Hassan

Interview: Pauly Young of PAN.A.CE.A

Emon Hassan

Name: Pauly Young (guitar)     Band: PAN.A.CE.A

G: Do you come from a musical family? Who were your early musical influences?

PanaceaPY: Not really. No one in my family is musically inclined. Just kinda picked it up & stuck with it.

My early musical influences( as they are still a big part of my influence today) The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin.

G: Do you remember the album that had the biggest impact on you?

PY: Biggest Impact. WOW. There are so many. I know definatly Revolver & Abbey Road by the Beatles. Such great records...even 40 years later. Also Black Sabbath-Paranoid. Got me into the "metal" side of things. And then any of the 1st 3 Metallica albums just brought it home. So i guess i have a few. LOL

G: What is your primary guitar now? What effects/pedals do you use?

PY: I use primarily a beat up,full of MOJO Gibson Les Paul Custom. I have had it forever & it just plays great & sounds like butter. For live situations i use a TC Electronics G Major for all my effects. Pretty basic & MIDI controllable. For the studio, i have a collection of pedals that are used whenever nessessary.

GWhat one tip, each, would you give to beginners on a) practice b) songwriting c) recording and d) performing live.

PY: Practice- is where it all starts. Being a tight player is more important to me that 90000 notes. Dont get me wrong, i love players like Steve Vai or John Petrucci...but i think players like Tony Iommi or Pete Townsend are just more important to me. Solid rhythm & tight playing. Thats cool to me.

Songwriting- just work on your craft. It should all be a growing experience. Learn from your past & grow. And also surround yourself with people who are in the same creative realm as yourself. And most important...have fun!!!

Recording-it all goes back to practice. be prepared. Know your parts. Play them well. Dont waste time trying to play your parts. Makes for a bad time. Preparation is #1. Be creative...but dont over do it. I like the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) Usually is most beneficial to the song & the project.

Live Performance - Thats all about the person & the personality you want portayed. If you are a reserved person...i wouldnt expect you to be doing backflips. Just do whatever you are comfortable with and what makes you feel the best.

G: Pick one song from the current album and tell us your story behind it.

PY: There is a song on the new record called "Hold On" that IMO is one of our best tunes on the record. It was written in about oh id say an hour. And the parts have remained the same thru preproduction & tracking. Just simple, to the point...but hits you like a truck!!!

G: Recommend 3 essential albums all guitar players should listen to.

PY: Only 3?? LOL! I can think of 50! But i will give it a try..

1. Blizzard of Oz- Ozzy Osbourne - Randy Rhoads is GOD..plain & simple.

2. Led Zeppelin II- Jimmy Page just lays it all out there..rock @ its finest!!

3. Black Sabbath- Paranoid. Where metal started out..dark riffs!! Great stuff!!!