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#GuitarChat Guest No. 4 : Simon Vozick-Levinson

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On January 29th, Tuesday, 2013 at 9PM (ET) Simon Vozick-Levinson (@simonwilliam on Twitter) was the fourth guest on #GuitarChat. To read archive of the chat, please scroll below.

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Our Topic: The Future of Guitar


BIO: Simon Vozick-Levinson 

Simon V-L PhotoSimon Vozick-Levinson is an associate editor at Rolling Stone. His writing has also appeared in publications including Entertainment Weekly, the Boston Phoenix, and Self-Titled. Since 2005, he has interviewed Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye West, the Roots, Nas, Mary J. Blige, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Carrie Brownstein, the Black Keys, Damon Albarn, Nigel Godrich, and many more.

A lifelong New Yorker, Simon lives in Manhattan with his wife, Sarah Seltzer, and their overflowing bookshelves.

For recent works by Simon, please visit S.W.V.L.

#GuitarChat with Simon Vozick-Levinson

Archived chat with @Guitarkadia @SimonWilliam and others on January 29th between 9pm and 10:15pm on Twitter.

Storified by Guitarkadia· Tue, Jan 29 2013 19:32:44

It's 9PM! Tonight's #GuitarChat guest is Simon Vozick-Levinson, associate editor of Rolling Stone mag. Welcome @simonwilliam !Guitarkadia
@Guitarkadia Thanks for having me! Let's talk guitars. I can't play, but I do enjoy listening to them... #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam Happy to have you! What's your first memory of the guitar? Is there a song, record,or performance that stands out? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
MT @PatrickDoyleRS: @simonwilliam Do u agree acoustic/clean-toned virtuosos dn't get as mch crdit as the fuzzed-out pedal-heads? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
MT @simonwilliam: @PatrickDoyleRS Totally.Knowing how to evoke emotions w an acoustc is arguably hardr than wailing on electric! #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@PatrickDoyleRS One of my fav guitarists was Elliott Smith - the feeling he could put into an acoustic chord progression, wow. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@PatrickDoyleRS Gotta go with Keith Richards for rhythm guitar. I know you agree! Richie Havens is another all-time great. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam Did you consider learning to play yourself? Is there a guitar sitting somewhere with your name? :-) #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia Ha! It's been years since I've tried. Never quite got the hang of making chords. Someday, maybe.... #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
MT @simonwilliam: It's remarkable..given my utter lack of musical ability,that I'm allowed to make a living thinking about music #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@simonwilliam How did you transition into music journalism? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia Started writing for fun in college, found to my surprise that editors were interested in my work. Lucky me! #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
RT @Emily_0Brien: @Guitarkadia @simonwilliam what did you think of the guitar on the new strokes song #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Emily_0Brien Kinda cheesy, but I love it. Cool to have them back! #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@Guitarkadia Rob Sheffield and David Fricke were two of my biggest influences, and I'm lucky to work with them both now. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@Guitarkadia @simonwilliam any advice for aspiring music journalists? #GuitarChatangiemartoccio
@amartoccio This may be obvious, but: Write, write, write! Just go for it. And listen to as much music of all kinds as you can. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@PatrickDoyleRS Overshadowed by great sidemen like Robertson and Bloomfield – but an underrated player in his own right. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam How many pieces did you write before you felt like you found your voice, as they say? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia Good question - it probably wasn't until I'd been writing regularly for 2-3 years. Voice takes a lot of practice. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam anyone you "aspire" to interview/dream interview? #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
@simonwilliam How do you stay objective when reviewing an album by an artist you admire/grew up listening to? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia It's tough. I try to listen from more than one perspective - but having strong feelings abt an artist can be good! #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@Guitarkadia If I love an artist, I try to understand and explain why that is – and why others might not. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam who's the "great guitarists" of new bands? ones u see as in for the long haul & inspiring future sounds #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
@TheLoneOlive And Wild Flag is probably my favorite new-ish guitar band. Mary Timony and Carrie Brownstein both slay. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam Any guitar player whose work you love but disappointed that not too many people are listening to? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia Amber Papini from Hospitality. Their debut from last year is full of amazing guitar (and much more). #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam very cool. keep waiting for @Guitarkadia to have some female #guitarchat guests!Amanda Lin Costa
@Guitarkadia Also, Captain Kirk Douglas from the Roots. Incredibly versatile player, doesn't get enough love. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam If you had to pick 2 from each year, what are your favorite guitar albums of 2011-2012? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
checking out @wildflagmusic on recommendation of@simonwilliam on #guitarchat - very coolAmanda Lin Costa
@Guitarkadia Wild Flag, s/t; St. Vincent, Strange Mercy; Sleigh Bells, Reign of Terror; Jack White, Blunderbuss #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@Guitarkadia @simonwilliam have to ask: favorite Radiohead album? #GuitarChatangiemartoccio
@Guitarkadia Just thought of another guitarist who deserves more shine: My man @grynbaum. Seriously, the world is not ready. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@amartoccio Kid A was my answer for years. Now, Amnesiac or OK Computer can unseat it depending on the day. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam What are you looking forward to in 2013? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@simonwilliam any plans for a book? #guitarchatAmanda Lin Costa
@TheLoneOlive Not at the moment, but who knows... #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
Hi @simonwilliam Who's your pick of soulful guitarists who can make a guitar weep in a solo? My picks: Gary Moore, Dave Gilmour. #GuitarChatStephen Humphries
@Steve_Humphries Good q! Gilmour for sure. Hendrix, Graham Coxon, Lee Ranaldo are three more. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam What are you noticing in the new records in terms of guitar sounds? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia I love how artists outside rock are using guitars – Frank Ocean, Ke$ha, Skrillex, many more. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@Guitarkadia I also think gnarly, feedbacky indie rock guitars are on an upswing – cf. the great new Parquet Courts album. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam Any music books you're looking forward to reading?If I'm not mistaken the last book you reviewed was Nein Young's? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia Yeah, Neil's memoir was weird but great. Looking forward to reading Peter Ames Carlin's BRUCE, among others. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
Any last questions about guitars or music more generally? I'll be hanging at #guitarchat til 10:15.SimonVozick-Levinson
RT @simonwilliam: Any last questions about guitars or music more generally? I'll be hanging at #guitarchat til 10:15.PaulCantor
RT @PaulCantor: RT @simonwilliam: Any last questions about guitars or music more generally? I'll be hanging at #guitarchat til 10:15.JosephAParker
@simonwilliam I bet your calendar is always jam packed with reading/listening/editing/writing? What's your daily routine like? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia Ha, yes! Some combination of those four activities, preferably several at once, at most hours of the day. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
@simonwilliam If you had the chance to own a historic guitar, which would it be? Why? #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@Guitarkadia The one Robbie Robertson played on tour with Dylan in '66. Or Dylan's. The guitars that infuriated countless fools. #guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
It's 10:15. .@SimonWilliam - it was a lot of fun, Simon, to have you on as guest tonight! #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
Please join me in thanking @SimonWilliam for joining #GuitarChat tonight. Keep up with what he's doing at http://www.simonvozicklevinson.com/ #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
@simonwilliam Hope you had fun too and I would love to have you back on again sometime soon! #GuitarChatGuitarkadia
RT @simonwilliam: @Guitarkadia This was so fun! I had a great time. Thanks so much for inviting me! #guitarchatGuitarkadia
Read the gracious @SimonWilliam 's contribution to @RollingStone here http://www.rollingstone.com/contributor/simon-vozick-levinson #GuitarChatAmanda Lin Costa
Thank you everyone for joining in tonight's #GuitarChat with @SimonWilliam Tonight's chat archive will be up shortly at https://guitarkadia.com/emon/guitarchat/simon-vozick-levinson-jan-29-2013/Guitarkadia
@Guitarkadia This was so fun! I had a great time. Thanks so much for inviting me! @guitarchatSimonVozick-Levinson
Another great guest next week. It's @JonHerington of Steely Dan https://guitarkadia.com/emon/guitarchat/jon-herington-february-5-at-9pm-et/ #GuitarChatGuitarkadia