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Yossi Fine Q & A + Video - Pt. 3

Emon Hassan

If you've missed it: Part One and Part Two. Yossi Fine: [Bio] [Albums] [Tour Dates] [MySpace]

Emon: What's your most memorable:

a) collaboration

Yossi: Working at the Gil Evans orchestra, in NY, from 85 till 91- it was the best place to collaborate with so many great musicians at the same time, he had the best guys and it all went under his vibe, but ther would be so much freedom, and yet it always was magical

b) live performance

Yossi:  With Lou Reed opening for U2 in 87.  It was as big as it can get , without being u2!

c) studio session

Yossi: With David Bowie, that was in 95, and it was very inspiring for me. It was about making the songs travel.

d) song-writing session

Yossi:  With lots of the artists I produce, or on my records, I like the Jamaican approach to song writing, it has a lot to do with the delivery, and on the spot, live take.

Emon: How has technology effected your music, in terms of writing, recording, and performing? How has technology opened up avenues for you you wouldn't have dreamed of, or considered a few years ago.

Yossi: At this point it's all about the technology. I can finaly loop my self on stage with great control over details, as well as manipulating samples from the computer with my feet.  That wasnt possible till a few years ago.

Emon: How has your playing evolved over the years technique-wise?

Yossi: I became a much simpler bassist, wit big emphasis on the bass tones. To get as deep as possible, and make one note sound great at every moment and not about speed or intricate note playing.

Emon: What 5 things should bass players remember when playing in a band, playing live, and recording?


  1. Make it feel great, by any means.
  2. Leave lots of space, on some level, like sound, notes.
  3. Make the singer sound great. Also the drummer.
  4. If you don't sound good, it's your responsibility, so be in charge of your sound.
  5. Be very open to change your approach. Someone else might have a beter bassline for you than you.

Emon: What is your gear set-up for recording and live performance these days?

Yossi:  I use lots of different sound pedals. I love collecting them and so I have all kinds of sound possibilities next to me. A loop station, and always have great bass amps around. But it's not a must. Some times you have to deal without an amp. I also have a massive ProTools studio with lots of great gear, like Neve, Api and Avalone channels.

Emon: What are you listening to these days? Why do you like them?

Yossi: There is not one thing that I listen to- I like some dub step stuff, and gospel, contemporary stuff. It got great musicians on that. I listen to a lot of firfernt DJ mixes, but I dont know the name of the artists. A good track is a good track as far as artists. I love Gnarles Barkley; Very very original, and yet very rooted.

Emon: Which 4 musicians, dead or alive, would you jam with? And why?


  1. Jimi Hendrix
  2. Jeff Beck
  3. Miles Davis
  4. Fred Wesley
  5. Herbie Hancock

Emon: What are you working on now?

Yossi: Basically I'm rediscovering lots of recordings of stuff I wrote or produced, and recorded. There are great musicians on them and I'm sorting what stuff to use for my upcoming live and studio record. Also I would end up working with more different musicians on it. It's going to be interesting ,

Emon: Any comments on the current music scene and business?

Yossi: I love the bass movement that's happening in the West coast, like breaks. Also the stuff coming from England and Europe in the electronic music scene. It's progressive, and it's not so retro at all.  Also there are great producers everywhere, you just got to keep your ears open, as far as the buisness, it's becoming more available for every artist to put his thing out, the music industry is going through a major change, but the major companies will still rule. But there is more chances for other stuff to be heard.

Emon: What's exciting?

Yossi: The future,

What's not?

Yossi: The 80s.

This following track is my favorite from the festival.

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